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Christiane Endler (Chelsea-ING)
Fernanda Cárdenas (Colo Colo)
Natalia Campos (Universidad Católica)


Bárbara Muñoz (Audax Italiano)
Carla Guerrero (Colo Colo)
Leticia Torres (Universidad Católica)
Loreto Rojas (Audax Italiano)
Tatiana Pérez (Santiago Morning)
Camila Sáez (Colo Colo)
Su Helen Galaz (Santiago Morning)


Francisca Lara (Colo Colo)
Yorky Arriagada (Audax Italiano)
Karen Araya (Santiago Morning)
Yanara Aedo (Colo Colo)
Daniela Pardo (Santiago Morning)
Maryorie Hernández (Palestino)
Fernanda Pinilla (Audax Italiano)
Yessenia Huenteo (Colo Colo)
Melisa Rodríguez (Colo Colo)


Francisca Moroso (Colo Colo)
Fernanda Araya (Universidad de Chile)
Daniela Zamora (Universidad de Chile)

Natalie Dormer attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards [x]

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forever reblog for respect. 

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Mr. Jago: “New Coordinates.”

Opening this Saturday, August 16th at White Walls SF is artist Mr. Jago’s solo show, “New Coordinates.”  The colorful abstract paintings are meant to depict robotic figures and machines.  The show will be up until September 6th.

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Forever and ever, we`ll follow our team, for we are the Chelsea and we are supreme. We’ll never be mastered, By no northern bastards. Flying high, up in the sky, From Stamford Bridge to Wembley, We’ll keep the blue flag flying high

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